Wednesday, December 05, 2007

No grumble. It's only noodle.

I don’t take breakfast often in the canteen of our office. Very rare I would say. Normally I only take a cup of expresso. But today, as the result of Walk-to-Work, I was a bit hungry. Once I arrived at my desk, turned on my laptop and checked several emails quickly, I headed downstairs to the canteen.

There wasn't much that can "turn on" my appetite, they've got miehun, omelette which more looks like telor-orak-arik for me, poridge and then, they have what this guy in front of me was ordering. Looks yummi, very Asian-food look-alike if you know what I mean. Well I didn’t know the name of this food though so, as soon as I was in front of the food stall table, I asked the guy who sells the food. "What is it?" I asked him while pointing my finger at a stack of plate full of yellow noodle with beansprout. "This is noodle, sir" replied him. Well the guy may think that I lived so long in Europe that I probably didn’t recognize noodle anymore. "Well off course I know this is noodle" I replied softly. "But what is it the WHOLE stuff?" I explained pointing to the whole set of menu. A woman behind him unpatiently half shouted replied me "Mie Rebus!". Bingo! That's a point where I was shocked. Not shocked because she shouted. But, mie rebus? This is not what I call mie rebus back in Indonesia. It looks something else.... Without further delay, I ordered and took the so-called Mie rebus to a table. Ate it.

The taste? Well before, let me explain briefly what I got: Mie, half-boiled beansprout, green pepper and the soup. The soup is thicker than normal mie rebus we know. That's all, no other vegetables. The taste in the end is a mix of laksa, Toge goreng and Mie rebus (just because they boiled it. Boiled=Rebus in Bahasa Indonesia just in case you are not Indonesian). Our mie rebus is much richer in term of vegetable mixture, the soup is thinner and tastier. This one is just fine for my breakfast. Couldn't complain though, it's only 1 Singapore Dollar.

I was full and ready to work.

Singapore Dec 6, 2007


Blogger Wati said...

kan... mending indomie dirumah! besok makan roti nutella ya sebelom kekantor :D

5:14 AM  
Anonymous Lintasberita said...

Artikel-artikel di blog ini bagus-bagus. Coba lebih dipopulerkan lagi di akan lebih berguna buat pembaca di seluruh tanah air. Dan kami juga telah memiliki plugin untuk Blogspot dengan installasi mudah. Salam!

9:38 PM  
Blogger Chandra Marsono™ said...

Enakan mie rebus tek-tek yang lewat

3:59 AM  

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